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Not every legal matter requires help from an attorney. Going to the small claims court or fighting a speeding ticket are two examples. However, you may need help with a serious legal dispute, business agreements, or other challenges. In this instance, you’ll want to hire a credible law firm in South Africa to help you out. Good legal representation in South Africa may not be cheap, but it can help get you out of a sticky situation such as unfair dismissal or a bad divorce.

Are you looking for honest and professional Sandton Attorneys? We can assist you. We offer our services to clients in all areas of the law, both commercial and individual. By entrusting Law Firms Sandton with your legal matters, you protect yourself and your business by the best. With a reputation that precedes us, we are confident that we can help our clients win in life. Speak to the best lawyers in Sandton and give us a call today!


Cases Won


Primary Practice Areas

Family Law

  • Maintenance
  • Opposed Divorce
  • Unopposed and Divorce mediation
  • Harassment orders
  • Protection orders

Criminal Law

  • General criminal law, including assistance with criminal trials
  • Opposed and Unopposed Bail Applications
  • Corruption charges
  • Road Traffic Offences and Driving Under the Influence
  • Commercial crimes and representing clients at the Commercial Crimes Court
  • Contempt of Court

Labour Law

  • Employment dispute resolution & litigation
  • Charing disciplinary hearings.
  • Charing disciplinary hearings.
  • Drafting of employment policies and agreements.

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